Landrover Defender 90

Normally the Landrover Defender 90 has the reputation of being that spectacular off-roader. With a vehement similarity to the 1948 Land Rover which is the first of its kind, the Landrover Defender 90 model had added a variety of improvements aimed at improving its usability while still maintaining the legendary pride particular to the Landrover Defender 90.

Landrover defender 90 Defender happens to be one of the most recent in the ancestral lineage of utilitarian Land Rovers tracing far back into 1948. The Landrover Defender 90 drags its name from its 90-inch wheelbase model. The Landrover Defender 90 is one lovely masculine car sure to massage your manly ego.

By design the Defender sports a fixed steering wheel. There is that unique feel of driving the Defender 90 on the road, that distinct pride of bullying the roads with your intimidating Landrover Defender 90. It actually has this look of a military truck; well the rocky Landrover Defender 90 doesn’t deny that either as it rides and steers like a truck. This car owes you no apologies. It is either you love it or you hate it.

One thing however that you will love about the Landrover Defender 90 is the rave of energy and energy that springs from the Ford-sourced 2.2-litre four-cylinder Diesel engine. This was practically a replacement for the recent 2.4-litre engine. The 2.2 is a champion of engines, boasting such daring 90kW. The torque peaks at 360Nm @ 2000rpm, with a wide-ratio six-speed gearbox, coming in company of the latest 2.4-litre engine. This time it is amiably quiet, but on higher speed, the Landrover Defender 90 is not shy as it makes its distinct proud noise.

One dashing revolution to the Landrover Defender 90 is the most recent model of the cabin; this time rocking an all-new dashboard design. Landrover Defender 90 deploys a large one-piece moulding, made to provide durability and robustness while still making sure not to lack that refreshing feeling of comfort with its face-level air vents. You are sure to applaud the ventilation system; the Landrover Defender 90 took its time in rolling in a beautiful array of improvements in this category.

Another thing that would get you bumping excitedly with the manly Landrover Defender 90 is the enhanced stereo system which is this time improved with the facility for MP3 connection. The Landrover Defender 90 even brings in a number of notable mechanical improvements to the 2007 Defender. One of the most head spinning advancements in the Landrover Defender 90 when compared to its predecessor is the fresh diesel engine. This completely redefines fuel economy while not comprising performance. While driving, the Landrover Defender 90 gives you less carbon escorts as this time there is a notorious reduction in the quantity of emissions.

What can we then say about the Land Rover Defender 90?

First you can judge this automobile beauty on the basis of your conventional road car. The Landrover Defender 90 is proudly a hard guy sure not to fail you on the grounds of durability and effectiveness. While those soft fashionable drivers may easily dismiss the Landrover Defender 90 as unrefined and outdated, those who hear cars speak would applaud the Landrover Defender 90 as that uncompromising loyal car which maintains its royalty even off road. The tasty flurry of improvements this Landrover Defender 90 was baked with brings that much need smoothness to the famous hardness Landrovers prides in.

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