KW Suspension History

KW suspension products have come to epitomize the finest tuning and refinement masterpieces for the automotive industry at large. It’s complete product line boasts of spring-over sports suspension systems and coilover suspensions. The last of which now come in 3 damping variations. This level of versatility is quite frankly unparalleled in this given field on a global scale. The KW suspension GmbH also provides for the needs of racing solutions for both domestic and international motorsports. It’s racing programs have been successfully incepted by numerous racing tracks from all over the world.

Humble beginnings

This company was established by Klaus Wolfarth in 1992, and was initially known as KW Tuning that was based in Murhardt, Germany. It first had only 3 employees and an operational space of 1600 square feet. By 1996 KW suspension began to alter its original focus from general automobile tuning to become a coilover suspensions expert catering for the German market.

This particular niche market was and is still renowned for its rigid TUV certification requirements for aftermarket equipment for the road. Another 4 years elapsed during which this firm had gained sufficient technical prowess to build coilovers for slammed show cars and even professional touring racing cars. As we speak, its headquarters is in Fichtenberg, and it possesses a production space of around 247,500 square feet. While its various product lines now range in the thousands mark.

What makes KW suspension special?

What really sets KW suspension apart from the rest of the pack including giants like Sachs, Blistein or Koni is the fact it was launched and is still run by enthusiasts. This company is still relatively small and employs around 200 workers in 5 different locations globally. Yet unlike most of its notable competition, it is also very flexible and well attuned to what both street and racing tuners require in suspension systems. It’s innovative coilover technology is undisputed when it comes to its capability of been seamlessly applied in the racing environment. Still, this firm has opted to continue recognizing the demands of its street cars market.

To this end, it KW automotive GmbH has elected to make use of a twin tube damper for all its versions 1 to 3 coilover suspensions products. While, at the same time, making use of mono tube coilovers for its racing applications. As you might already be aware, street cars don’t require the damping forces that are mandatory in their racing car counterparts. But the KW suspension twin tube coilovers also offer a wide variety of benefits for street cars. Some of the most prominent include optimal comfort, stroke strength, robustness and serviceability as well.

Patented internal valve design

To further enhance the overall versatility of its coilover products, KW automotive GmbH engineers have gone on to develop an internal valve design. This particular design goes a long way in permitting the independent adjustment of low speed compression as well as rebound damping forces in the version 3 and clubsport coilovers suspensions. In turn, this has widened the exact capabilities of this company’s twin tube shock absorber. On a parting shot, KW suspension develops coilover products, which offer ideal lowering for automobiles that are noted for their remarkable performance, safety and comfort.

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