Being an advocate for good wheels and their brand is quite tasking, Sieving through numerous brands, staying updated with the latest reviews on vehicles and wheels fitments, familiarizing with various labels, learning about their goods and services. This is necessary in order to be able to give professional recommendations. Taking a closer look at one of the most resilient and high-tech wheel brand; the BC forged.

The world renowned brand: A subdivision of BC racing is famed for manufacturing quality wheels with high performance. in 2012, the BC forged took aleap with its new ultra-light 2-piece forged wheels and the improved 1-piece forged mono black wheel which was forged with materials of air craft grade; the forged T6061- aluminum metal. This material is known for its strength and rigidness with the ability to withstand enormous forces which are frequently experienced in racing environs. BC forged wheels stand out in looks, strength, and performance and is also race reliable. This is why the BC is a big hit in the race car world, with cutting edge wheel technology. The BC engineers super light wheels that are aggressive on tracks. These are a few product designs manufactured by BC

  • 1-piece BC
  • Forged Monoblack (RS series and RS series)
  • 2-piece
  • Exotic concave design (BX- series)
  • Deep concave maximum spoke (HB-series)
  • Deep concave maximum spoke signature (HB-3 and HB-R series)
  • Advance concave (tm-series)
  • Step lip deep concave(HC-series)
  • Advance sport design (FJ-series)
  • H-beam spoke structure (SN-series)
  • Exclusive sports design (BS- series)
  • Track & drift (RA_ series)
  • SUV sedan sport car design (SR series)


BC wheels are pre-ordered and built according to customer specifications, giving each customer the exact features they desire in wheels. These features are available in various sizes and finishes of the highest standards.

10 Best Offroad Trucks you can Buy

Are you imagining what the best 10 offroading trucks are? Contextually if you are thinking about offroading, perhaps owning an expensive, long lasting truck is way much important. When you feel good mudding using an offroading truck, particularly you might be aware that some of the natural objects you will come across comprise naturally a slope of the terrain having rocks and mud which is deep. Offroading trucks besides doing well in this case, they make the job lighter. The 10 best offroading trucks include the following:

The Land Rover, Defender The Defender series, which was in market since 1997. Its model with two doors was modified in 1997 to test emissions and was brought to us in an automated transmission. All the same, the Land Rover as an offroading truck has infamous gas-guzzling habit that hinders when trail riders want to bypass a terrain easily.

Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Was made by offroaders, has wide body. The Main engine is a major for any real offroading with inclines twisted.

Jeep Wrangler Often favorite of offroaders, is customizable and can be made best offroading truck you can ever own. Its powerful aspect is determined by capability to increase structural stiffness, available hard- or soft-top, and solid axles.

Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road Tacoma TRD is always ready to haul regardless of the choice. Brand and used ones give a pleasing, deterministic offroad maneuvering experience through any terrain making a good offroading truck.

Jeep Grand Cherokee For this case you need a V8 engine which works well if you need complete offroading capabilities. For a scenario where you optionally think of buying a new one, look out for the Quadra-Lift air suspension particularly on the four-by-four models. Brand and utilised versions of this offroading truck with its long wheel base will keep to having their fans as a result of the Cherokees good handling capabilities.

Ford Super Duty Given that the F-450 Lariat is majorly applied for towing, this type of offroading truck is ready to do well in all conditions. The FX4 four-by-four and its electronic rear locking differential supports off-road traction for the two modes. The V8 diesel engine is good enough to lead to comfort for all off-roaders.

International MXT The fact that International got rid of the line, if you are unique enough to buy one of these beasts, you surely intend for a treat. Over-performance and excitement can be cheap. Simply modify the four-by-four diesel engine using a few basics for the best offroading truck experience of a while.

Hummer H3T Is a type of offroading truck having four-speed automatic or five-speed manual transmission which should have optional 23″ all-terrain tires that make it a beast.

AMG Hummer H1 Alpha Possesses GM diesel engine having two tanks and increased gas mileage. With 300-horsepower in the Duramax 6600 makes it able to easily climb as well as crawling to off-road.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Z71 (2001) The new four-wheel drive Silverado exhibits some modifications from recent years. Off-road testers say the ride is comfortable. The V8 engine is somehow fuel reliable, Automated system is still an alternative. Steel bumpers are still used for designing it.

Landrover Defender 90

Normally the Landrover Defender 90 has the reputation of being that spectacular off-roader. With a vehement similarity to the 1948 Land Rover which is the first of its kind, the Landrover Defender 90 model had added a variety of improvements aimed at improving its usability while still maintaining the legendary pride particular to the Landrover Defender 90.

Landrover defender 90 Defender happens to be one of the most recent in the ancestral lineage of utilitarian Land Rovers tracing far back into 1948. The Landrover Defender 90 drags its name from its 90-inch wheelbase model. The Landrover Defender 90 is one lovely masculine car sure to massage your manly ego.

By design the Defender sports a fixed steering wheel. There is that unique feel of driving the Defender 90 on the road, that distinct pride of bullying the roads with your intimidating Landrover Defender 90. It actually has this look of a military truck; well the rocky Landrover Defender 90 doesn’t deny that either as it rides and steers like a truck. This car owes you no apologies. It is either you love it or you hate it.

One thing however that you will love about the Landrover Defender 90 is the rave of energy and energy that springs from the Ford-sourced 2.2-litre four-cylinder Diesel engine. This was practically a replacement for the recent 2.4-litre engine. The 2.2 is a champion of engines, boasting such daring 90kW. The torque peaks at 360Nm @ 2000rpm, with a wide-ratio six-speed gearbox, coming in company of the latest 2.4-litre engine. This time it is amiably quiet, but on higher speed, the Landrover Defender 90 is not shy as it makes its distinct proud noise.

One dashing revolution to the Landrover Defender 90 is the most recent model of the cabin; this time rocking an all-new dashboard design. Landrover Defender 90 deploys a large one-piece moulding, made to provide durability and robustness while still making sure not to lack that refreshing feeling of comfort with its face-level air vents. You are sure to applaud the ventilation system; the Landrover Defender 90 took its time in rolling in a beautiful array of improvements in this category.

Another thing that would get you bumping excitedly with the manly Landrover Defender 90 is the enhanced stereo system which is this time improved with the facility for MP3 connection. The Landrover Defender 90 even brings in a number of notable mechanical improvements to the 2007 Defender. One of the most head spinning advancements in the Landrover Defender 90 when compared to its predecessor is the fresh diesel engine. This completely redefines fuel economy while not comprising performance. While driving, the Landrover Defender 90 gives you less carbon escorts as this time there is a notorious reduction in the quantity of emissions.

What can we then say about the Land Rover Defender 90?

First you can judge this automobile beauty on the basis of your conventional road car. The Landrover Defender 90 is proudly a hard guy sure not to fail you on the grounds of durability and effectiveness. While those soft fashionable drivers may easily dismiss the Landrover Defender 90 as unrefined and outdated, those who hear cars speak would applaud the Landrover Defender 90 as that uncompromising loyal car which maintains its royalty even off road. The tasty flurry of improvements this Landrover Defender 90 was baked with brings that much need smoothness to the famous hardness Landrovers prides in.

KW Suspension History

KW suspension products have come to epitomize the finest tuning and refinement masterpieces for the automotive industry at large. It’s complete product line boasts of spring-over sports suspension systems and coilover suspensions. The last of which now come in 3 damping variations. This level of versatility is quite frankly unparalleled in this given field on a global scale. The KW suspension GmbH also provides for the needs of racing solutions for both domestic and international motorsports. It’s racing programs have been successfully incepted by numerous racing tracks from all over the world.

Humble beginnings

This company was established by Klaus Wolfarth in 1992, and was initially known as KW Tuning that was based in Murhardt, Germany. It first had only 3 employees and an operational space of 1600 square feet. By 1996 KW suspension began to alter its original focus from general automobile tuning to become a coilover suspensions expert catering for the German market.

This particular niche market was and is still renowned for its rigid TUV certification requirements for aftermarket equipment for the road. Another 4 years elapsed during which this firm had gained sufficient technical prowess to build coilovers for slammed show cars and even professional touring racing cars. As we speak, its headquarters is in Fichtenberg, and it possesses a production space of around 247,500 square feet. While its various product lines now range in the thousands mark.

What makes KW suspension special?

What really sets KW suspension apart from the rest of the pack including giants like Sachs, Blistein or Koni is the fact it was launched and is still run by enthusiasts. This company is still relatively small and employs around 200 workers in 5 different locations globally. Yet unlike most of its notable competition, it is also very flexible and well attuned to what both street and racing tuners require in suspension systems. It’s innovative coilover technology is undisputed when it comes to its capability of been seamlessly applied in the racing environment. Still, this firm has opted to continue recognizing the demands of its street cars market.

To this end, it KW automotive GmbH has elected to make use of a twin tube damper for all its versions 1 to 3 coilover suspensions products. While, at the same time, making use of mono tube coilovers for its racing applications. As you might already be aware, street cars don’t require the damping forces that are mandatory in their racing car counterparts. But the KW suspension twin tube coilovers also offer a wide variety of benefits for street cars. Some of the most prominent include optimal comfort, stroke strength, robustness and serviceability as well.

Patented internal valve design

To further enhance the overall versatility of its coilover products, KW automotive GmbH engineers have gone on to develop an internal valve design. This particular design goes a long way in permitting the independent adjustment of low speed compression as well as rebound damping forces in the version 3 and clubsport coilovers suspensions. In turn, this has widened the exact capabilities of this company’s twin tube shock absorber. On a parting shot, KW suspension develops coilover products, which offer ideal lowering for automobiles that are noted for their remarkable performance, safety and comfort.